Jan 05 2009

Weblog Award 2008

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Well, it finally happened. NeuroLogica is a finalist in the Weblog awards for 2008 in the science category. Although this is a hopeless cliche, I am happy just to be nominated and in the finalists. Recognition of one’s efforts doesn’t suck.

Voting is open to the public until January 12th here. If you have enjoyed NeuroLogica over the past couple of years I would certainly appreciate a little blog love. I looks as if polls open 12 midnight EST tonight and everyone can cast one vot per day until the 12th.

Of course, I am up against the perrenial favorites, Pharyngula by PZ Myers and Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait. Both excellent gentleman who put a great deal of time and effort into their outrageously popular blogs.  Congratulations to them and the other finalists.

And to science blogging itself – something worth celebrating. I think science blogging is an unmitigated success of the so-called new media.

I’ll keep you updated on how the voting goes.

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