Jul 08 2013

Off to TAM

I am leaving today for Vegas for The Amazing Meeting 2013. I may have time for a short post or two this week, but probably not.

I will be giving a Science-Based Medicine workshop on Thursday 2:30-4:00, along with Harriet Hall, David Gorski, and Mark Crislip. This will be an SBM primer.  We are also doing a panel, with Robert Blaskiewicz, on fighting medical fraud, on Saturday 2:40-3:30.

On Friday 2:45-3:45 I will be on a panel discussing the scope and mission of the skeptical movement. This will be partly based on some of my previous blog posts here.

Friday night will be the SGU dinner, from 6-9. This is a separate event you have to register for – there are still spots and you can register at the event. In addition to schmoozing with the Rogues, we will be doing our usual auction, which includes a guest rogue slot. This year we will also be doing a skeptical quiz show, with the audience member who wins receiving the TAM VIP package for 2014 (worth $1,000).  The SGU dinner is always a highlight of the event.

And of course, on Saturday from 11:45-12:45 we will be doing a live SGU podcast.

If you attend be sure to stop by the SGU table and introduce yourself. We will post some scheduled times when all the Rogues will be there. Hope to see some of you there.

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