Nov 22 2010

Help Launching New Show

You may remember The Skeptologists – a TV pilot featuring a group of skeptical investigators taking on a range of pseudoscientific claims. Well – that project is not over, although it has morphed a bit. The working title of the show is now The Edge. And, rather than try to get a commercial TV executive to bite on the idea, the producers (Brian Dunning and Ryan Johnson) are trying to get a grant to produce a season for public television. It’s still an uphill battle, but they are making progress. Phil Plait has moved on with his Discovery Channel contract, including Phil Plait’s Bad Universe. So, Pamela Gay has stepped in to fill his role on the show.

Pamela is also helping with the grant – and she has asked for help. She needs to show that there is demand for the kind of content we aim to produce, and this is where you (potentially) come in.

So, if you are a teacher and you would use content like The Edge – essentially scientists exploring critical thinking and the evidence as it pertains to specific claims – then send an e-mail to Pamela Gay ([email protected]) with a letter, addressed to her and Brian Dunning, that says you would use the content in your class. Here is a sample letter:

I eagerly look forward to the production of “The Edge” and plan to use this show to teach critical thinking, the process of science an other incorporated national standards in my [insert grade level] classroom. The material this show will produce fills a content gap that I currently fill [using my own content / using non-standards aligned blogs and podcasts such as NAME HERE / SOMETHING ELSE]. This content will make my job easier, and I feel it will excite and engage my students.

Anyone with a science/skeptical student’s group or other organization can also e-mail a letter saying they would use the content.

There is a good chance we can get some hard hitting skepticism in the mainstream media, but we have to use the strength of our community to make it happy. So thanks ahead of time for your help.

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