Jan 23 2014

Bigfoot Hoax – How Far Will It Go?

I admit I am curious to see how this will ultimately play out. Rick Dyer is at it again. In 2008 Dyer claimed to have found a dead bigfoot. He claimed that scientific analysis was coming, he had the body for investigation, he held a press conference promising evidence.

It was soon discovered that the bigfoot body was simply a rubber suit – the whole thing was a crude hoax, surprising only the most gullible bigfoot believers.

Amazingly, Dyer is now at it again. He claims to have shot and killed a bigfoot, that he has the body, that the BBC has footage of the whole thing, and that a team of scientists have thoroughly examined the body.

If his claims are true, then Dyer has the smoking gun evidence that bigfoot is real. Of course, at this point no nerd can resist quoting that Klingon saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Does Dyer honestly expect anyone to believe that a proven bigfoot hoaxer really caught bigfoot this time? Where so many have failed before, a hoaxer alone has struck gold.

Again we see the same pattern – the promise of stunning evidence, but only tidbits of unconvincing evidence so far. Dyer is showing only a short grainy video he took with his cellphone, and a couple of closeup photos of a furry face and back. You can see these images here as part of this local news interview.

In the interview Dyer is full of the expected excuses. He has promised a press conference, but he is having difficulty organizing everyone’s schedule. You see, if you are the scientist to have performed the first anatomical analysis of a bigfoot, you have to schedule the press conference around your daughter’s soccer game.

He promises that the BBC has stunning video – but they are not going to show it, or even acknowledge it, until their movie comes out.

The scientists are not talking because they all signed non-disclosure agreements.

He says he has the body back now, the scientific analysis being complete, and it is standing in the next room – but his video camera does not reach. I guess he didn’t consider that anyone might want to see it during the video interview.

He has shown pictures where you can partly see the bigfoot through the glass case in which he keeps it, and it looks suspiciously like resin. Well, you see, he had to cover the hands and feet with resin to preserve them, even though the body has allegedly been preserved through taxidermy.

Everything apparently is on hold (meeting the alleged scientists, showing the alleged BBC video) while Dyer takes the body on tour, PT Barnum style.

At least the local news team brought up Dyer’s previous hoax in the otherwise softball interview (OK – they seemed to be subtly mocking him, rather than doing a serious hardball interview). Dyer had an explanation for that too.

In 2008 he did find a real dead bigfoot in the woods. He announced it to the world. But then – the government showed up and took away the body. (They must have taken it to Area 52 for examination – that’s right next door to the area they use to cover up their UFO investigations.)

Dyer then made the rubber suit hoax because he was already in too deep. He had no choice. He couldn’t just tell everyone that the government took bigfoot’s body – although, now, I guess, he can.

The real story is that the government is planning on building a secret army of bigfeet. Either that or supersoldier bigfoot-human hybrids. They needed Dyer’s specimen, and they had to keep it secret from the world. That is why they secretly killed Dyer and replaced him with a look-a-like whose job it is to discredit Dyer and bigfoot hunting in general.

Now it all makes sense – this second hoax is just a further false flag operation to convince the public that bigfoot is all a big joke. We won’t suspect a thing, until the human-bigfoot hybrids take over the world.

The question remains – how is this all going to play out. Assuming that Dyer isn’t the luckiest jackass in the world who stumbled upon bigfoot twice, what is his master plan? How long does he think he can keep a doubting public at bay with promises of evidence but only lame excuses and delays? What’s going to happen when he completes his PT Barnum sideshow tour? Perhaps it will never end – he will just feed the world some BS story about some lame cover-up, and continue to show his fake bigfoot at small town carnivals.

The only mystery that remains is which lame excuse will Dyer use as his final escape hatch from the situation he has created for himself.

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