Mar 23 2013

NECSS Update

NECSS – The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism, is just two weeks away, and we have an exciting update.

We have moved the SGU private recording to a new, better, and bigger venue and are expanding the seating by two to 27. Two people also canceled so we have four tickets to sell.

Two tickets will be raffled to all people who pre-register for the conference prior to midnight April 1st (this included everyone who has already registered). Two will be auctioned off on eBay here:

The four tickets also include VIP all access to NECSS – all workshops, all events, Friday night Stimulus Response show, and the speakers dinner. Plus you will get to have a private lunch with me and George Hrab after our workshop on Friday and George will give a private performance.

And, you get to have a private lunch with the SGU cast on Saturday prior to our live show.

Go to to register for the event. You can follow the links above to submit your bid on eBay. If you win one of the two raffles you will be reimbursed for anything paid so far for registration.

Check out the lineup for this year – NECSS is going to be a great science and skeptical conference. I hope to meet many of my readers there. Please come up to the SGU table while I’m there to say “hi.”

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