Aug 27 2008

First Measles Now Mumps

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Here is another report of an outbreak of a preventable infectious disease in a population with low vaccination rates. This time it’s mumps in Canada in a religious community that believes getting vaccinated shows a lack of faith in the protection of God. I wonder if they feel it is blasphemy to wear a seatbelt, or use sunscreen, wash their hands, cook their food thoroughly, or do any of the common-sense things people should do to reduce their risk of infection or disease.

The report indicates:

There have been 116 confirmed cases of mumps and another 74 suspected cases since February, according to the Fraser Health Authority. On average, the region has only 10 cases a year.

Further, the cases of mumps are spreading outside of this community to the general population, including the city of Vancouver.

We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg if pockets of vaccine non-compliance continue to spread.

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