Apr 16 2008

Expelled Exposed Goes Live

On Wednesdays I post a blog entry over at Science-Based Medicine. My time does not allow writing two blog entries for one day, and I have chosen not to cross-post so that the comments will be contained under the single blog entry. So I have mostly just left Wednesdays empty here on NeuroLogica. But I am going to try a new strategy – I will post a brief entry on Wednesday that will mostly point to another blog post or a news item of interest, with brief commentary by me.

This week’s Wednesday News Item is Expelled Exposed – a website dedicated to exposing all the falsehoods and shenanigans surrounding the Expelled ID propaganda movie. I have mentioned this site before but yesterday Expelled Exposed went “live” with their official format and full content.

Check it out – there is a ton of great content on the site, all conveniently in one place. The website is a project of the National Center for Science Education run by Eugenie Scott, a tireless advocate for science education. The site also promises to be updated frequently with new information and links – so visit often.

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