Jun 18 2009

TAM, Science-Based Medicine, DragonCon, and NECSS Conferences

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I am totally into crunch time for TAM and the SBM conference. I will continue to blog regularly, but will be updating some of my older articles for some entries. Today I just want to post a reminder about these excellent skeptical opportunities, plus other upcoming events:

Science-Based Medicine

July 9th, Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a one day conference featuring lectures by many of the SBM regular contributors. The conference is designed to be appropriate for a general audience – no prior expertise is expected – and for medical professionals simultaneously.

More information can be found here, including links to register.

The Amazing Meeting 7 – TAM7

July 9-12 Las Vegas, Nevada

This is the de facto annual meeting of the skeptical community. It is a ton of fun and very educational. The keynote speaker this year is Bill Prady who produces the Big Bang Theory – a very funny sitcom (the only one I currently watch) based on science and geek humor.

And, of course, the highlight (ahem) will be the two live SGU podcast recordings. The Rogues and I will be there to meet our listeners, take live questions, and generally do what we do (whatever that is).

If you make the trip to Vegas you can take in TAM7 and SBM as a double-header. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

DragonCon 2009

September 4-7th Atlanta, Georgia

DragonCon is primarily a science fiction/fantasy/gaming convention, but it has a science, a podcasting, and now also a skeptical track.  It has actually evolved into quite a science science and skepticism convention, thanks mostly to Derek and Swoopy, who have their own podcast, Skepticality. I will be attending, giving several lectures and participating on panels, and also recording a live SGU show.


September 12th, NY, New York

The New England Skeptical Society it teaming up with the New York City Skeptics to create the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism. This will be like a mini-TAM for the Northeast. Details are still in the works, but James Randi will be there, as well and John Rennie from Scientific American, and many others. It is a full day of skeptical lectures and panels with (you guessed it) a live recording of the SGU (I sense a pattern here).

The only downside to all these great events is that they tend to clump in the Summer and early Fall. We need to figure out a way to spread them out around the year more. This is partly why I am in such a crunch. I have multiple lectures to prepare, conferences to organize, and other projects in the works. But fear not, I will not neglect my peronal blog.

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