Jul 12 2011

Sagan Series

I am off to TAM9 today, so I only have time for a brief entry.

Carl Sagan was one of my intellectual heroes. I know I have written this before – but he is my role model for the way to popularize science and rationalism. He combined poetry and the awe of the scientific view of the world better than anyone else I can think of. I love just listening to his voice.

That’s why I love the Sagan Series by Reid Gower. He takes Sagan’s voice from Cosmos, and also I think from his books on tape, a sets them to music and imagery. He does a great job, and it’s a nice tribute to Sagan’s legacy. I recommend you check them out.

Also – I was informed that the 6th video in the series is out and a certain neurological blogger makes a brief appearance (something about science in the media). Needless to say I was a bit stunned, and honored, to be placed next to Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye in that context.

Now it’s time to fill my head with all the excellent skepticism at The Amazing Meeting. I will try to find a few moments while there to blog anything interesting that happens.

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