Apr 27 2011

Open Invitation to Dr. Oz

In follow up to my recent appearance on the Dr. Oz show, I am extending an open invitation to Dr. Oz to continue our conversation. He can either engage in a written exchange on science-based medicine, or he can appear as a guest on my podcast, the SGU.

You can read about my appearance on Dr. Oz where we discussed so called “alternative medicine,” here at NeuroLogica, and also Orac wrote a nice analysis as well. As you can see, while I was given a chance to make some points, Dr. Oz made many more points to which I was not given an opportunity to respond. He was able to frame and control the discussion in a way favorable to his point of view. And further there was far too little time to address the many issues that were raised.

If Dr. Oz is serious about addressing these issues, then let us continue the conversation in a longer and more balanced format.

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