Aug 19 2009

New SBM Resource

On the Science-Based Medicine blog today I wrote about a new SBM resource – a topic-focussed reference page. The first topic- Vaccines and Autism – is mostly complete. This is designed to be one-stop-shopping for science-based information about major topics in medicine.

For me the most important feature of this new resource is the thorough list of relevant key research. What I find most challenging as a science writer and podcaster, is that after years of school and reading about science my head is full of information about prior research. I can often remember that there was some study that showed some important point I want to make, but I can’t remember the specific reference. I am constantly tracking down references I vaguely remember. Wouldn’t it be great if I had all those references in one place?

That is what this new resource will do – divided by topic. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Also – we plan to duplicate the same format on the NESS website for other non-medical skeptical topics. You may have noticed that we recently did a major overhaul of the NESS site. The new site is pretty spiffy. But more importantly, it is entirely built on WordPress, which makes it easy for a non-programmer like myself to build new content as I wish without having to nag my programmer to do something.

At present we have over a hundred articles archived on the new site, as well as some skeptical cartoons we have published over the years. We are also building a thorough listing of skeptical links, and announce upcoming events.

But we are looking for new skeptical resources to add to the site. I think the topic-focussed reference guide would be an excellent resource. Look for that soon, and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions on this idea or what other kinds of resources you would find most helpful.

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