Oct 28 2009

Hulda Clark Died of Cancer

Notorious cancer quack, Hulda Clark, died recently. However, it was not made public at the time that Clark, who claimed to have the cure for all cancers (and later the cure for all disease) died of cancer.

Her death certificate, which is now public, shows a contributing factors in her death to be multiple myeloma – a form of blood cancer. The immediate cause was listed as anemia, with hypercalcemia – both can be caused by multiple myeloma.

Clark was personally responsible for much human suffering and misery, and she lured in countless victims with her quackery and her false claims for a cure of cancer. She, of course, also tried to scare patients away from standard therapy for cancer. Of course, she herself had to die eventually of something, and cancer is the second leading cause of death, so it is not much of a coincidence that she died of cancer.

I doubt this fact will put much of a dent in the cancer quackery industry – an industry that does not trade much on evidence and reason to begin with, but rather fear, distrust, desperation, and false hope.

Orac has some further thoughts on the matter.

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