Jun 05 2013

TAM Around the Corner

The Amazing Meeting 2013 is coming up, July 11-14 in Las Vegas. This is an annual meeting for science, skepticism, and critical thinking hosted by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). It is a truly incredible event each year, and I always enjoy meeting my regular readers at such events.

The lineup of speakers is impressive this year – check out the full list here.

There are a number of events that I am participating in or running:

The SGU will be giving a live show on the main stage.

The SGU will also have a table to sell swag, and we make an effort to spend as much time as possible there to be available to our listeners (and we will have some scheduled times when we are all there).

There is an SGU dinner Friday night where we spend a few hour with our listeners. We usually have some well-known skeptics joins us as well. We will have some fun activity, and also we have an auction, including auctioning off a coveted guest rogue spot on the SGU.  You have to register separately for this event (on the registration page, go down to Fundraising Meals and click “add option.” You then have to click on the bottom of the page on the “Continue to make ticket selections” button to add the number of tickets you want for the SGU dinner.)

The SGU is also sponsoring a late night poker tournament on Saturday night. This was incredible fun when we did it last year. See if you can knock out a well-known skeptic from the tournament and win a prize.

I am running a Science-Based Medicine workshop on Thursday, with David Gorski, Harriet Hall, and Mark Crislip. We will cover the basics of SBM and have an interactive section.

I will also be moderating an SBM panel discussion on fighting the medical fakers, with a special report from David Gorski on the Burzynksi clinic.

I will be on a another panel about the nature of scientific skepticism, discussing many of the topics I have covered in this blog over the last few years.

Hotel rates are super cheap if you register by June 8th. Hope to see many of you there.

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