May 20 2008

Lost Blog Entries

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Recently the data file for this blog was corrupted and about half of my posts were down. As soon as I discovered this we worked on the problem (thanks to Mike for helping with this) and restored every post from the archive. However, for some reason they appear to be down again.

Interestingly, Michael Egnor noticed the absent posts and wrote about it here. I never received the e-mail he sent me, and there is no way to leave comments on his blog.

All of the blog entries are archived. We will have them restored as soon as possible and I will leave a notice when they are back.

— Update 05/20/08 —

The problem appears to be with the new version of WordPress we just installed and Brinkster, our host. I am told that by tonight everything will be back. We will have to go back to the old version of WordPress, but that will not affect subscribers, just the back end.

I suggest that if you leave any long brilliant comments today you should save a copy offline. We will try not to lose anything in the transition, but it”s better to be safe.

Thanks for your patience.


Update 5/24

All blog entries seem to be back up. Please let meĀ  know if you find missing entries or broken links.

Note – if you registered between 5/17 and5/21 please re-register.

Thanks again to Mike for fixing my blog.

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11 thoughts on “Lost Blog Entries”

  1. Paul Ganssle says:

    You don’t have to lie, Steve. We all know you took those down because you were afraid of Michael Egnor’s super-awesome logic powers and he shamed you into removing your controversial posts! And a bunch of unrelated ones! Jeez. All you big science/big pharma people are the same. Suppressing knowledge like it never happened. Here’s a prescription for you: 30ccs of intellectual honesty, stat. At least Michael Egnor has the honesty to admit that he sent you the e-mail publicly in a way that makes it inconvenient for you to respond. Jeez.

  2. Paul Ganssle says:

    Also, based on the fact that Egnor so routinely reads the old archives of your blog, I am guessing that he may be your groupie. I’m just saying, maybe he doesn’t believe in evolution because he’s trying to get your attention.

  3. psamathos says:

    That’s a strange thing for Egnor to notice, let alone make a post about. The title of his post is oh-so-clever, too: “Missing Links.” Gag.

  4. badrabbi says:

    Talk about grasping at straws! Egnor is really accusing Dr. Novella of taking down his posts because he is embarrassed by their contents?

    Hey Egnor, if you are reading this (and I know that you are, since you seem to be tracking these posts), shame on you!

    And, oh, when will the Discovery boys have the guts to put up a site so that comments can be left?

  5. “I suggest that if you leave any long brilliant comments today you should save a copy offline.”

    Oh, sarcasm, eh? lol

  6. Roy Niles says:

    I resemble that remark.

  7. Gated Clock says:

    Egnor makes my skin crawl.
    I suppose there is an evolutionary reason for this response.

  8. Fred Cunningham says:

    Steve, I’m so glad to see you back. I was having severe withdrawal symptoms from becoming addicted to your blog.

  9. Tom Nielsen says:

    Damn! What a subtle way of accusing someone of intellectual dishonesty, while at the same time playing willfully ignorant.

    Egnor shows a perfect example of how conspiracies get started.

    1) Find some anomalies.

    2) Point them out without trying to find a logical explanation for them (i.e. don’t check to see if missing blogposts are a general problem on the site, which might suggest a software problem).

    3)Follow this by the following remark; “So far, no answer. His blog posts are gone. Like they never even happened.”

    Usually when people state the obvious in this way, they have a defamatory agenda.

    I will be very surprised if Michael Egnor makes a follow-up post, explaining what happened.

  10. lo-rez says:

    welcome back!

  11. Jim Shaver says:

    Whew! That was a scary couple of days, sans NeuroLogica. This means nothing, of course, but an anagram for “Doctor Michael Egnor” is “a retched logic moron”. I’m just saying.

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