Creationism/Intelligent Design

Topic Editor: Steven Novella Sections: Topic Overview Index of NESS Articles and Blog Posts Index of Relevant SGU Episodes Outside Resources Summary of Key Research Topic Overview There are many forms of creationism but at their core they all share a denial, to some degree, of evolutionary science. Creationism is therefore a pseudoscience and a […]

Evolve This – Why We Should Care About Evolution and Creationism

October 2004 by Steven Novella, M.D There are different versions of the dangerous error known as creationism. “Young earth” creationists believe the world was created ten thousand years ago in six days; others gallantly admit the earth is older. But all creationists deny one scientific fact: life on earth is the product of evolution, slow […]

Intelligent Design – Response to Behe

November 2005 by Robert Novella & Steven Novella, MD A Response to New York Times Op-Ed Promoting Intelligence Design by Michael Behe Despite a string of past legal victories by defenders of evolution, supporters of creationism who deny evolution in favor of the notion that all life was divinely created are tireless and undaunted in […]

The Design Interference

October 2002 by Steven Novella, MD Over a century ago Charles Darwin convinced the scientific community of the fact that life on Earth is the product of organic evolution and that natural selection is the primary mechanism of evolution. Since that time scientists have been almost completely united in their support of evolutionary theory, which […]