Look, Up There – What Are UFOs?

February 2005 by Steven Novella, MD I once saw a UFO. That is, I saw an object in the sky I couldn’t identify. Chances are you have too, probably more than once. What I saw were lights in a large “V” shape, moving silently, too slow to be a plane, moving out of view after […]

Cereal Killers

July 2005 by Steven Novella, MD Just last year, a “crop circle” (actually a crop square) appeared in Martha Bailey’s cornfield in New Milford, Conn. Her field is surrounded by a 7-foot-tall fence of chicken wire and wood. Overnight, in the middle of the field, a “perfect” square of flattened down corn appeared. According to […]

Long Live Science and Reason

October 1999 By Sheila Gibson The following is a response to an op-ed piece written by John Mack, the infamous Harvard psychiatrist who has championed the idea that large numbers of people are being abducted from their homes by space aliens. The original article was published in the Sunday Boston Globe Focus Section on October […]

NESS Executive Director Abducted By Aliens

July 2000 by Perry DeAngelis On Tuesday June 13th I was admitted to Yale New Haven Medical Center with severe abdominal pain. As I had assumed, it was my stone-laden gallbladder that was the culprit. Two times last fall I had landed in the hospital a total of five weeks with gallbladder pancreatitis, and I […]