Medium Dead

July 2000 by Jon Blumenfeld If you’ve ever wondered what the phrase ‘heebie-jeebies’ means, tune into the Sci Fi channel Sunday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. and you’re sure to get a good, solid case. The show in question is called ‘Crossing Over with John Edward,’ and it features yet another medium using age-old carnival […]

A Message of Love from the Seventh Dimension

July 2000 (updated June 2009) by Steven Novella, MD Lynne LaFountain lives in a modest condo in the small town of Winsted, CT, which NESS investigators were invited to visit this May. As we sat in her living room, this ordinary appearing middle-aged woman spoke to the small gathering in the voice of D’Hartma, the […]

Demonic Possessions

April 1998 by Perry DeAngelis A local case of alleged demonic possession involving a 10 year old boy, is vividly illustrative of the high price we pay when credulity rules the day. With angels being discussed on the cover of Time magazine, and our television screens filled nightly with tales of the supernatural, these events […]

Hunting the Ghost Hunters

July 1997 by Perry DeAngelis and Steven Novella, MD Ed and Lorraine Warren have been investigating hauntings for over 40 years and claim to have mountains of proof for the existence of ghosts. We sought to examine their evidence to see if it stands up to the scientific rigor they claim to endorse. Ed and […]