Is Magic Real?

April 2002 by Perry DeAngelis and Robert Novella Modern Attacks on Harry Potter and Roleplaying Games Here is your character on your character sheet: NAME:  Bob the Fighter RACE:            Halfling HEALTH:       10 STRENGTH:  10 SMARTS:       2 Carries a big club that does 1 to 10 points of damage. Here is your first adventure: Gamemaster (GM): […]

The Christian Science Holocaust

October 2001 by Gerald Bergman, PhD Many modern religions make specific claims which are incongruent with reality and the results of scientific research. One of the best examples is religion-motivated medical neglect which in one church congregation alone resulted in the death of at least 64 children from 1975 to 1995 (Asser and Swan, 1998). […]

The Cultiversity of Bridgeport

January 1997 by Perry DeAngelis I recently strolled through a series of ramshackle buildings along Long Island Sound, at the south end of Bridgeport – decaying and abandoned buildings, deserted and silent streets. Was this the aging Pequonnic Apartments, or the decrepit Marina Village? No. It was the University of Bridgeport (UB). The University of […]

The Prey of Cults

October 1998 by Perry DeAngelis It is estimated that between two and five million Americans are involved in cultic groups (Singer,1995).  It is hard to assess a more accurate count because, as in all things, cultic groups are deceptive about their numbers.  Deception is their hallmark, used at every level from recruitment, to thought control, […]