Dowsing in Connecticut

October 1996 by Perry DeAngelis In our society today, there exists a phenomenon of yesterday. The ancient “art” of dowsing still persists in this age of high technology. In Connecticut alone, there are 100 members of the American Society of Dowsers. There are more than 5000 nationally. The Gordon McClean chapter (named for a now […]

The Grand Unified Woo-Woo Theory

April 2000 by Marc Berard Living Energy Universe (Hampton Roads Pub. Inc., Charlotsville, VA, 1999), written by Dr. Shwartz and Dr. Russek, is the latest attempt at a “theory of everything,” including everything paranormal. What Shwartz and Russek have done is take the basic concept of feedback loops and do some wild speculation that does […]

Magnetic Attraction

October 1999 by Dave Shapiro On Sunday, August 1st, my wife Denise and I went to watch the final round of the GHO golf tournament in Cromwell, CT. Because there were thousands of people watching this every day, this was an ideal place for venders to pay for space to set up areas to demonstrate […]