Apr 02 2013

SBM Temporarily Down

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This is just a quick note to inform my readers that the SBM website is temporarily down. There appears to be an automated bot attack trying to hijack our servers. We thought we fixed it yesterday but it went down again overnight. Troubleshooting is commencing. We will have it back up as soon as possible.

Update: SBM is back up, and fully functional. You will need to reset your password to sign in and comment, however. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

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5 thoughts on “SBM Temporarily Down”

  1. Pabnau says:

    …and my department’s website also broke down today. Coincidence?! I think not!

  2. eiskrystal says:

    I can’t see Steve wanting to scientifically test that one though Pabnau…

  3. Murmur says:

    My fridge broke around the same time as that.

    What links fridges and the internet? Warcraft that’s what! Chuck Norris endorses Warcraft, therefore I think Chuck Norris is trying to take over the world by starving us of both food and internet while the government and Blizzard are covering it up because Chuck Norris has all their families addresses and is holding them as surety.

    Also, it happened at Easter which means the Pope is in on it too.

  4. Murmur says:


    See… you science-ologists have no answers!

  5. Drake says:

    Blockquote test

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