Therapeutic Touch

October 1998 by Steven Novella, MD The concept of an invisible, undetectable, spiritual life force which animates living creatures is an ancient superstition which has found a new home in modern alternative medical ideology. In the early 1970’s, Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N. developed and promoted the new discipline of therapeutic touch (TT). TT practitioners believe […]

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

April 1998 by Steven Novella, MD How many times have you heard the rumor that “They have a cure for cancer?” Have you ever wondered who “they” are, or how anyone could be so callous as to suppress a treatment for such a deadly disease, or how vast such a conspiracy of silence would have […]

Alternative Engineering

October 1999 by Steven Novella, MD A new phenomenon is sweeping the country, gaining the attention of both consumers and manufacturers alike. Increasingly disenchanted with the cold metallic world our modern technology is producing, people are beginning to take a close look at more natural alternatives. Collectively called Alternative Engineering (AE), a host of new […]

Intelligent Design – Response to Behe

November 2005 by Robert Novella & Steven Novella, MD A Response to New York Times Op-Ed Promoting Intelligence Design by Michael Behe Despite a string of past legal victories by defenders of evolution, supporters of creationism who deny evolution in favor of the notion that all life was divinely created are tireless and undaunted in […]

Mother Mary Comes to Me

October 1999 by Perry DeAngelis The Virgin Mary makes yet another appearance, this time in our own Hartford, Connecticut, and NESS investigators take a look. As Juan Ramon Gordils sat in his Hartford living room watching TV at two in the morning, the hot July night was suddenly broken up by a vision of the […]

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