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Preparing for TAM

So much to do, and so little time. Here is my to do list that I need to complete by tomorrow night:

1) Make sure registration to TAM is complete. CHECK
2) Review airline reservations. CHECK
3) Review my hotel reservations. (Not done yet, so I guess I’ll be shacking up with the other rogues if I don’t get on that today.)
4) Arrange for car service to bring me to the airport.
5) Edit two episodes of The Skeptics’ Guide 5×5. (Episode #24 is complete. Still working on episode #25.)
6) Research and accumulate data for presentations at TAM. (In progress.)
7) Full audio system check for recording interviews in roundtable discussion format. CHECK (this took a good amount of time this past Saturday.)
8.) Test portable audio recording system for on-the-spot interviews. CHECK
9) Review the list of interviewees and our designated times for interviews. CHECK (So many great people to interview, I can hardly wait!)
10) Laundry. CHECK
11) Pick up dry cleaning.
12) Shop for new clothes and shoes.
13) Pack clothes and personal effects.
14) Straighten my office.
15) Pay bills that are due this week.
16) Load movies on to my Archos device for the 6 hour flight from Hartford to Las Vegas. (Archos makes some kick-ass portable electronic devices!)
17) Stock the house with groceries for the family while I’m away.
18) Finish details at work so I can actually take a full week of vacation (something I have not done in 7 years. This includes, amongst other things, several live webcasts that I am responsible for coordinating around the country this week.)
19) Send out invoices for freelance work.
20) Check e-mails and send responses.
21) Change the oil in the car (way overdue.)
22) Shuttle my daughter back and forth to day camp in the mornings, and karate class in the afternoons.
23) Install DVD player in the bedroom (as I promised my wife I would.)
24) Gather garbage for garbage collection.
25) Spend extra time with wife and child before disappearing for the better part of 5 days.
26) Get something up on the Rogues Gallery as a blog entry before I leave. CHECK

5 comments to Preparing for TAM


  • I’ll spend the weekend scowling at my girlfriend’s brand new engagement ring and crying myself to sleep.

    This was finally going to be the year, dammit.

  • Tybstar

    1) Confirm air reservations
    2) Confirm hotel (DONE!)
    3) Schedule boarding for doggy. (DONE! She’ll hate us…)
    4) Obtain Penn & Teller tickets. (DONE!)
    5) Double-check JREF forum member departure time to arrange a shared ride.
    6) Pack.
    7) Pack the stuff I forgot to pack the first time.
    8) Charge ipod, phone, and computer.

    Woohoo! TAM! My wife and I are very excited.

  • royourboat

    Hey Evan, could you give us a spoiler of who you will be interviewing? Will these interviews be just an amazing with Christopher Hitchens? Money is not a factor. I’m going to regret saying that.


  • I said, “Go away, I’m bitter.”

    Well, maybe next year.(Right, I’ll get time off in the middle of summer)

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