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What an Asstronaut

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4 comments to What an Asstronaut

  • TomWoolf

    I know how to swim, too, and Nessie is my buddy! He visits me by sticking his head up out of my toilet. (I’ve had to ask him to look before he peeps because his nose is reeeeeaaaaalllll cold.)

    BA – with the possible exception of the “swim… Loch Ness Monster” comment, the best lines in your blog are “I’m not saying he’s wrong, but the lack of evidence is the reason why I won’t change my opinion on the matter. Like anyone else who makes claims, if he can back his claims up with compelling evidence, I’ll believe it.” I liked the way you put that.

  • fredeliot2

    We have James Irwin another astronaut who is into finding Noah’s Ark. Does landing on the moon increase the chance of lunacy?

  • Spook

    Oh good, now we have science news right from Kerrang!. That’s about as good an idea as medical advice from Jenny McCarthy.

  • Nigel

    Every time I hear of an Astronaut, especially an original seven, the new nine, or any Apollo astronaut taking a wacky stance, I always feel like I’ve been punch in the gut. However, if you think about it, as a proportion to society having two or three woo believing astronauts out of twelve makes sense. It lends such credibility to the believers out there . . . if Ed Mitchell says aliens have dined in the East Room of the White House it must be true. Makes me sad.

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