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The Crop Circle That Should End All Crop Circles

This is it, the best crop circle I’ve seen yet.  And just the other night on television was yet another awful program about the different kinds of possible evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Predictable as ever, crop circles spun their way into the equation. But what does it tell you when a rag like The Daily Mail can’t be fooled these days?  

Over time, some fantastic notions go through a process. They begin as curiosities, then with more time and study, they reveal themselves as having been misunderstood. The misunderstanding does not take hold with some people, rather it is embraced as cutting edge or anti-establishment, and a small yet devoted (and invested) group of people spearhead the effort to perpetuate their misunderstandings to the public at large, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Cereologist (crop circle “experts”) are prime examples.  The hardest evidence possible continually smacks them in the head, yet they have the numbest of skulls. 

After a while, this process goes from a passive pursuit to a tangible, down-right insult.  They might as well come out and say “Hey stupid, believe in my fantasy!”  That sort of clarity and honesty would be much less offensive to my senses and intelligence at this point.

So in the spirit of clarity and hopefully some level of finality, allow me to say to all the “crop circle dizzies” out there, and the producers of the horrible shows that peddle such anti-scientific garbage, … Are you done now?  Can we consider the matter closed?  This fantasy had its moments, it yielded attention to some wonderful artists, mathematicians, and other creative minds, but go now and embrace a different method of finding the aliens you so desperately seek – crop circles are (and have always been) dead to science. Time to grow up now.

“Some notions are too childish to MERIT kindness.” – James Randi

note: that is my emphasis on the word ‘merit’ in that pearl of wisdom from Randi. Crop circle dizzies have done nothing more than reap the criticism they have sewn.

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