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Nation of Islam

On February 26th, the Nation of Islam (NOI) held their annual Savior’s Day Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. One of the main events at the conference was a series of lectures and discussions titled “The Truth About The Existence Of Unidentified Flying Objects.”

The first thought that came to mind was “Did the entire skeptical community utterly miss this?” You would be hard pressed to find an organization that offers so much raw meat to skeptics on so many different levels. The rare trifecta of cult activities plus anti-semitism plus UFO belief makes the NOI a community deserving of hard and serious skepticism.

I was surprised to have only found the AP story last night at The Nation of Islam, with their infamous leader Louis Farrakhan, are self-described as, well … read it for yourself. It’s kind of hard to summarize in just a few sentences.

On the other hand, The Anti Defamation League needs only one sentence to describe the Nation of Islam:

“The Nation of Islam, the oldest Black Nationalist organization in the U.S., has maintained a consistent record of racism and anti-Semitism under the guise of instilling African-Americans with a sense of empowerment since its founding in the 1930s.”

Ishmael Muhammad, the widely-considered potential successor to Louis Farrakhan, said the theme of the Savior’s Day Convention “is about scientific analysis.” Oh, really? And just what kind of scientific analysis are they offering?

You need only go back to the NOI website and see for yourself. The video of the lectures from the conference are available to watch online. I slogged through large  chunks of the video (its over 3 hours long – prisoners in Attica aren’t even subjected to such tortures) and found these reality-challenged lecturers, such as well-known UFO crank Jamie Maussan, had absolutely nothing new to offer. No evidence, no smoking gun, no proof of anything – just lots of stories, eyewitness accounts, and videos which, of course, amounts to zero actual scientific evidence. If anyone had any doubts, even without the UFO angle of NOI, this firmly cements the NOI into the classification of a cult.

Rick Ross has followed the happenings of the NOI for many years. Although many of the news items he links to are somewhat dated, it is handy to be able to review the history of organizations like NOI. It reminds skeptics just how dangerous and nefarious cults can be.

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