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Living Amongst Extra-Terrestrials

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3 comments to Living Amongst Extra-Terrestrials

  • vrulg

    I wonder if anyone has ever done a really big survey, with all of these questions on it and more. It would be interesting to see how co-incident these groups of people are, and how many didn’t believe in any of it.

  • Cobey

    Here’s what I always wonder when I hear stats like these. How many of these people have ever really sat and THOUGHT about it? I mean really think for themselves, not just page through all of the information stored in their head from TV. It is really hard for me to make a judgement about this because I live in America and actually have access to all the information I choose to seek out instead of living in somewhere where information is either not available or repressed (for whatever reason).

    78% of people believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Ok, not a big surprise where I’m from (Alabama) but when you stop and think about it…REALLY? I mean, people are resurrected so often, why not? (damn you George Romero, you’re messing up our stats)

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