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4 comments to Jiminy!

  • Jim Shaver

    Immagination, eh? Okay, here goes.

    The Sun is clearly high in the sky (high enough to be well out of frame) and slightly to the right, as can be deduced from the shadows of the rocks and how the doo-hickey is lit. Also, the black spec is elongated generally in the direction of the Sun and is located on the shady side of a small dune. Obviously, it’s not an object on the ground, but the distorted shadow of an object in the air! Cricket my eye, this evidence clearly points to a bumble bee!

    And if there is a bumble bee in the air, just out of the frame in the second picture, one must ask if there might be other bumble bees in other pictures. Sure enough, there’s one at the very top edge of the first picture, on the left side!

    It just goes to show how unqualified people can come up with the silliest of explanations for things that are obvious to the trained experts. Cricket?! Please!

  • Jim Shaver

    First picture, second picture, whatever. You know what I mean. That place is swarming with bees.

  • dcardani

    Could it just be dust? There’s wind on Mars, right? Maybe some dust got blown onto the lens, and later blown off? Or perhaps it’s dust inside the camera that got jiggled around when the rover moved (as it clearly did between the 2 photos).

  • wb4

    Cricket? Bumble bee? For crying out loud. It’s obviously just a gnat on the camera lens.

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