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Hey, UFO Kooks, Leave Winston Alone!

A message from me to all the UFO-ers out there:

Don’t do it!

I know you need to do everything in your power to try and legitimize your own imaginations. I understand the power that delusions and mass delusions can possess over you. I appreciate that you long to be a part of something that appears to you to be larger than anything else in everyday life. I realize that I am asking you to not let your faith in the paranormal get the better of you this time. I get that you need to believe.

But for the sake of the legacy of Winston Churchill, named the greatest Briton of all time in a BBC poll in 2002, do not drag him into your fantasies. George Bernard Shaw is attributed as saying something to the effect …‘Never wrestle with a pig – you get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.’ Well, its one thing to consciously step into the pigpen, but it’s a whole other thing when the pig reaches out, grabs a corpse, drags it into its mud, and claims it as one of its own – as if the corpse had any say in the matter.


A newly released, once-classified document reveals that Winston Chruchill allegedly banned the reporting of an officially reported UFO incident. To add to the juiciness of the fruit, it is alleged that Churchill bellowed the order to do so in the presence of Dwight Eisenhower, at an undisclosed location in the United States sometime during the waning days of World War II.

You see, Churchill’s bodyguard’s grandson claims that he (grandson) was told by his mother (grandfather’s daughter) that his grandfather (Churchill’s bodyguard) made a deathbed confession in 1973 to his daughter (grandson’s mother) describing this new “seminal” moment in UFO history. It is reported that the grandson was curious to know the science behind the alleged UFO sighting, as he suspects that the actual encounter might have been some kind of experimental technology that the enemies of Britain were testing at the time.

To add to the story, Churchill is being painted by UFO believers as being very interested in the phenomena, because in 1952 Churchill asked for a report to be prepared concerning flying saucers.

Frankly, the facts behind the incident and the real reasons for Churchill’s apparent orders, to me, are secondary to a much greater point, which is this:

UFO enthusiasts, followers, and kooks will attempt to hoist the name of Churchill up to the tops of their flagpoles to show the world that the greatest Briton of all time is on “their side”.  Now that this tar has become stuck to the name “Churchill”, there is no limit to the amount of legitimacy UFO-ers will try to squeeze out of this opportunity.

To any UFO group or individual, I say this:

Get back to work on looking for evidence for your UFOs. When you have some real evidence to share, then we can talk about famous and influential politicians and scientists, men and women that you have co-opted over the years and used in an attempt to legitimize your own personal beliefs. In the meantime, do not use today’s news or the name of Winston Churchill to further your claims. I know it is hard for you to control yourselves, but please, try to have a shred of decency.

Winston Churchill deserves protection from the paranormal necrophiles and parasites. Someone has to fight for those who can no longer fight for themselves. Skeptics everywhere need to be that vanguard.

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