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“Apollo 16 Found Alien Shipwreck” – Psychics

This just in:  it turns out that the Apollo 16 mission was our first encounter with alien life/technology. 

According to a “psychic R&D operation” based in Austin, TX called Tranception Inc., the Apollo 16 astronauts deserve the Congressional Space Medal of Honor for the first ever alien encounter with some “shipwreck elements”. 

Here, you can read the letter (PDF) sent by Tranception Inc. to everyone from NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr. to Microsoft and Google.

If you are wondering what makes me think that the debris field surveyed, filmed and photographed by the crew of Apollo 16 during its EVA-3 is a “shipwreck”, please refer to EXHIBIT “E”, in that a total of eight Controlled Remote Viewers (six professionals and twotrainees) worked that target using standard CRV single-blind protocols and they all describeelements of a “shipwreck” or at least contact with “structures” and/or “people”, “biological”, “alien”, technology, their plight, etc.

Well there you have it folks.  There’s no arguing with that awesome bit of logic.  This is definitely proof of our encounter with aliens.

The Apollo 16 mission doesn’t need the whole alien shipwreck angle to make it great, it was pretty damn awesome to begin with.  Apollo 16 launched on April 16, 1972 and was manned by astronauts John Young, Charles Duke and Ken Mattingly.  Their primary mission was to collect samples from the lunar highlands then believed to have been the result of volcanic activity.  The samples proved that hypothesis incorrect.  The mission included over 20 hours of moonwalks and returned 211lbs of lunar samples.  They safely landed in the South Pacific on April 27, 1972.

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