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Alien Artifacts: How Could We Know?

Discovery News recently published this articleabout the possibilities of finding evidence of extra-terrestrial visitations. It is an interesting thought, one that we’ve occasionally dabbled into via the podcast. The concept of a von Neumann probe is interesting in its own right.

Carl Sagan one proposed that the day ET’s visit the earth, there will likely be no doubt as to what is happening. It would be such a grand and awesome experience that to try and accurately predict the huge scale and manner as to which it would happen is probably fruitless.

However, we can think about the first probes that an ET civilization might send our way. We are only bound by the limitations of our understanding of physics. Certainly, humanity will need to clear many more hurdles in our comprehension about how the Universe works before we can start to look for clues and signs that might already be all around us.

For example, an alien civilization that has the capacity to harness the energies of stars and solar systems might possess enough technology to warp space and time and open up a wormhole to our solar system. The hole would have to stay “open” long enough for their sensors or probes to gather their data – which might only remain “open” for a matter of seconds before it closes. Would such an occurrence leave a trace of matter, or energy signature, or a force that we could possibly detect using our current technology? How would we know what exactly to look for?

We need to get better at this whole astrophyscis thing that humans have become so enamored with. But it is fun to think about how these incredible things, yet plausible things, could possiblly turn out to be true.

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