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Weekly Geekery #3

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4 comments to Weekly Geekery #3

  • InvisOn

    She did not say anything about the blinds protecting privacy. She said the fact that it is one sided protects privacy.

  • Agreed. What I meant was, blinds are made to protect privacy (and I’m guessing to control light entering a room). The reason I have blinds on my windows is so that people can’t look inside my house or room when I don’t want them to. My (perhaps flawed) assumption is that they’re calling this a window, so it’s two-way transparent. Yes, she explains that people on the other side of the window can’t see what’s displayed on it. But I assume (again, perhaps in error) that they see through it. So, the one-way blinds don’t make sense to me.

    On the other hand, if the stuff (widgets, blinds, etc) displayed on the inside of the window aren’t see-through on the other side, but rather a solid color not displaying information, the blinds make sense.

    In any case, Samsung needs to get its story straight. The Samsung rep in this video tells us (at about the 1:51 mark) that people on the other side of the window CAN see the image displayed on the smart window only in reverse. He then quickly changes subjects.

  • InvisOn

    I see your point. We will have to wait till they hit the showrooms of the local electronic stores for some hands on experience.

  • Knotty Oak

    That screen sent my geek flag flying! Very cool!

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