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Weekly Geekery #3

Ok so it hasn’t been weekly.  More like annual geekery.  I’m hoping this time it will stick.

SOPA/PIPA vs Scientific Debate

Want another reason to hate SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act)?  Check out Los-Alamos National Laboratories post-doc researcher Michael Ham’s article  about how they can be used to kill scientific debate.  It’s over at Steve’s fave website the HuffPo.

Now, how does this apply to science? Let’s say you are greatly displeased that a science journal posted a result that disagrees with you in some way. Maybe it’s business, ideology, religious, or a personal vendetta. 

Read the entire article to get the rest of that quoted text.  It’s a really interesting read.

Tony Stark’s Bedroom

Jay turned me onto this video of Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window.  It looks pretty cool and reminds me of Tony Stark’s bedroom window in the movie Iron Man.  Also, Minority Report.

Something I don’t get though.  How do the blinds protect your privacy if the screen is only one way?

Pointless Geeky Quickies

  • I finally decided to watch the Smallville series.  I’m on season 3.  So far it’s an interesting take on pre-Superman Clark Kent.  I’m not liking the whole “Kryptonite can mutate humans” thing.
  • Been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since I got it Tuesday.  I’ve got a Jedi Consular going and I’m thinking of starting up a Bounty Hunter or a Smuggler.  Or both.  It’s a great game.
  • If you like the music of The Legend of Zelda, check out this violin tribute by Lindsey Stirling.  It’s beautiful.
  • Check out Cracked.com’s 36 Worst Action Figures of All Time.  Yep, the statue from Rocky was an “action” figure.

4 comments to Weekly Geekery #3

  • InvisOn

    She did not say anything about the blinds protecting privacy. She said the fact that it is one sided protects privacy.

  • Agreed. What I meant was, blinds are made to protect privacy (and I’m guessing to control light entering a room). The reason I have blinds on my windows is so that people can’t look inside my house or room when I don’t want them to. My (perhaps flawed) assumption is that they’re calling this a window, so it’s two-way transparent. Yes, she explains that people on the other side of the window can’t see what’s displayed on it. But I assume (again, perhaps in error) that they see through it. So, the one-way blinds don’t make sense to me.

    On the other hand, if the stuff (widgets, blinds, etc) displayed on the inside of the window aren’t see-through on the other side, but rather a solid color not displaying information, the blinds make sense.

    In any case, Samsung needs to get its story straight. The Samsung rep in this video tells us (at about the 1:51 mark) that people on the other side of the window CAN see the image displayed on the smart window only in reverse. He then quickly changes subjects.

  • InvisOn

    I see your point. We will have to wait till they hit the showrooms of the local electronic stores for some hands on experience.

  • Knotty Oak

    That screen sent my geek flag flying! Very cool!

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