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Technology and the Building of a Dream

Technology.  To use my own definition it’s the use of the findings of science to create tools that serves a purpose.   It could solve a problem, make a task easier or allow us to do something that we couldn’t do before.  Technology can be simple and elegant like the wheel or complex and fierce like a rocket engine.  Either way, technology is a close relative of science and discovery and all are critical to the advancement of our species.  if used with good intent and for good reasons it empowers us in our environment to become more than what we currently are.  Think about how incredible it is to talk to someone on a cell phone.  We take it completely for granted today.  We seem to forget or not recognize how magnificently significant it is to talk to anyone we want to almost anywhere we are.  

Culturally most of us thirst for more technology.  We want everything faster, easier and less expensive.  For the most part technology delivers on all three.  The average person spends more now on electronics than ever before.  Over the next few decades we will see technology start to reshape our physical world, integrate us with our environment and the best of it will be less noticeable.  Yes we will have feats of technology that are huge and inspiring but we will also have it integrated into our environment.   Even smaller, nanotechnology will literally transform us and our environment. 

I recently read a story about a  young boy named Matthew Jame who was born missing his left hand.  At 14 he wrote to a Mercedes f1 racing team to help him pay for an artificial hand.   The team was moved by his story and decided to help him raise the funds.  Read articles below and check out the video of him sporting his incredible looking bionic hand.   (video)

Our technology is an extension of ourselves.  In Matthews case this statement is literal today.

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