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Artist Roboticus

Sorry Mom, I can’t do a full post this morning.

I will point you however to an interesting article I just found.

The striking drawing below was done by a robot. It did not just apply a funky filter to an image but drew it by hand (so to speak).

It’s called The Aikon robot and was  created by computational scientists Fredrick Fol Leymarie and Patrick Tresset. The goal when creating Aikon was to have a robot that makes line drawings  using similar methods and strategies that a flesh and blood artist would. For example…identify the shaded regions and determine how to best represent them.

Ultimately, these scientists would like to identify how creativity works and perhaps give Aikon the ability to erase parts of what he draws so he can improve them like a real artist.

If you want to read more about this Mom, click the link above……No…..move your mouse pointer over the underlined word and click it with your mouse……no….not that word….just call me and I’ll tell you about it.

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