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Purdue’s Rube Goldberg Is ‘Nerd Approved’!

Well, shame on me.  I probably should have heard about this website called ‘Nerd Approved’ before today.  I’m almost too embarrassed to blog about it because there is some seriously nerd-tastic, yet very cool things there to explore inside Sean Fallon’s blog. I blame Rebecca, she’s supposed to be helping me keep up on ‘what’s cool and fun’ in cyberspace. (Just kidding, Rebecca.) But everyone should check out Nerd Approved and poke around, because you are bound to find something that will make you smile and exclaim some of the happiest words in the English language: “That’s Cool!” 

One of those things that Nerd Approved brought to my attention today was Purdue University’s world record-setting Rube Goldberg Machine, which was recently  reconginzed at the most complex one ever engineered.  A Rube Goldberg Machine is the old Mousetrap game,  a purposefully-designed, complex, multi-step machine that performs, in the end, a relatively simple task. One of the many great things about Purdue’s machine is that the theme of the machine is a tip-of-the-hat to many topics we like to talk about on the SGU.

Although this news is old (about 4 weeks old, take it out back for an Old Yeller ending) perhaps some people as outdated as me might be enjoying this for the first time today.


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