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End of the world put on hold until Spring 2009

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2 comments to End of the world put on hold until Spring 2009

  • Steve Page

    I thought that the section had to be brought up to room temperature, as it runs at near to absolute zero. /pedantic

    I don’t actually think that it is that much of a setback to be honest, Mike. Given the scale of the project, coupled with the fact that it’s taken Earth creatures almost 5 billion years to reach this point in our technological development, a few months is a drop in the ocean in the overall scheme of things. I’m taking the long view on this; admittedly, I’m not quite so philosophical when I’m driving, but that’s due to other drivers driving so slowly/quickly/erratically/cautiously/annoyingly/insert adverb acccording to my mood. ;)

  • Damn! I wish I hadn’t quit my job and blown my entire live savings on beer and hookers last month in anticipation of the ‘End’. Guess I’ll have to find a new job and start saving so I can do it again next spring before they turn the LHC back on and destroy the univers. ;-)

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