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Creepiest Robot Yet?

You know about Uncanny Valley right? That refers to a representation of a person that’s very sophisticated yet oddly creepy at the same time. It could be a CG character or even a robot. The idea is that at a certain point, the person is no longer cartoonish but so close to the real thing that it sets off alarm bells in us that something is quite wrong with the way it’s moving.

The best description I’ve come across likens it to seeing a a corpse trying to talk. The lips and face are moving but the motion is not quite right.

The latest robot birthed from Kokoro Co Ltd and ATR is called Android-F and I think it sits squarely in this uncanny valley I’ve described. Don’t get me wrong; the achievement is quite extraordinary and blows away most everything I’ve seen come before it. In fact, I spent much of the time watching this video trying to decide if it’s a robot or a person pretending to be a robot. Still though ther were moments when It looked so creepy that I had visions of this robot leading the charge against humanity in the early days of the coming robocalypse.

3 comments to Creepiest Robot Yet?

  • The April Fools Day potential of this is limitless. I wonder how much it would freak out a doctor if you put Actroid-F in an exam room with the controller in the next room over. >:-)

  • Jsug

    Actually, I think it’s much less creepy than the earlier versions of Actroid. I think what you’re picking up on is the fact that most of the body is not actuated. But if you just focus on the facial features, they’ve made a lot of progress in expressiveness and fluidity. Maybe they’re starting to climb out of the other side of the valley.

  • It’s Boomer v1.0! The Cylons…they are already among us!

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