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Tax The Witch

It appears that witches in Romania have quite a powerful lobby in that country’s political system.

A tax that would have been levied on witches and fortune tellers was voted down in Romania’s senate. Perhaps the most striking part of the law would have been that witches and psychics would be held accountable with a […]

Medieval Beliefs Yield Medieval Results

How did you find skepticism? When did you realize that you had a skeptical mind? Did you know what a skeptic was before you became one? The number of answers here are infinite. Everyone has a unique perspective and a unique story to tell about how they came to the skeptical community.

Perhaps a question […]

They stole WHAT?????

I am reminded of a Woody Allen line, from the movie Zelig, I believe. Something along the lines of having co-invented the idea of penis envy – but “Freud thought it should be restricted to women.” We are hearing once again stories out of Africa about penis theft.