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1652 Reasons To Love TAM

I arrived home at 2am, throat sore from talking so much for four days straight, lips parched from the dryness of the desert climate, and eyes half-closed from the lack of sleep in Las Vegas and on the flights there and back. I forget how hard it is to deflate from the TAM experience until [...]

Dinner With The Skeptics’ Guide At The Amaz!ng Meeting

Today, I am pleased to officially announce this year’s “Dinner With The SGU at TAM”. If you are at all on the fence about attending one of the greatest conferences on skepticism, then perhaps this might help you tip those scales of indecision.

Back in 2007, our first year at TAM, the five of us [...]

Truly Amaz!ng

I am back from The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 in Las Vegas, and it was one of the most incredible times I have ever experienced.

This annual meeting is a congregation of people who come together to celebrate all of the facets of the diamond that is ‘skepticism’; defending science and the scientific method, promoting critical [...]

Preparing for TAM

So much to do, and so little time. Here is my to do list that I need to complete by tomorrow night: