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Death By Spirit

Back in May of 2008, in Handsworth, Birmingham, England, seven-year-old Kyra Ishaq died from starvation, suffered at the handling of her mother, Angela Gordon, and the mother’s domestic partner Junaid Abuhamza. In addition, authorities found Kyra’s five siblings, all alive, yet each of them suffering from malnutrition. One authority was quoted as saying; “All the [...]

Shopping For Possessions

Let’s go shopping! Let’s see what’s for sale on eBay® today. Hmmm…I typed in the search word “haunted”. There are a total of 4037 items up for auction on eBay® with the word ‘haunted’ associated with them. I’ll refine the search to the subcategory of ‘haunted dolls’. There are 134 haunted [...]