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V’ger? Is that you?

On May 6, it was reported that the Voyager 2 spacecraft was experiencing transmission issues. Voyager 2 is 8.6 billions miles away, which is an astonishing accomplishment. As the years go by, time only adds to the true magnitude of this human achievement.

The cause of the issue was unknown at the time, but speculation [...]


This was too cool not to share.

Have a look at this article from Scientists have detected radio waves from deep space that are six times louder than any other radio waves ever detected. This is a HUGE order of magnitude, as the article explains.

I ask myself (and, by proxy, you): Where [...]

The Money Shot – From Space

In late 2009 to early 2010, Virgin Galactic will begin taking tourists to the edge of the atmosphere. Anyone who can afford the $200,000 for the two-hour flight will be taken up in the White Knight Two aircraft from Sierra, NM. The White Knight Two will carry and release SpeceShipTwo which will climb to 62 [...]