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Scientologists Run Afoul in Haiti

Among the panoply of emotions that humans experience during the time of a catastrophe is the wanting to help. Some people want to donate materials to the surviving victims, so they will donate clothes, food, blankets, money, etc. Others want to lend their professional help, such as doctors, nurses, rescuers, counselors, spiritual leaders, etc. To [...]

A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant

Let’s face it, kids’ holiday pageants can be pretty boring. Every year it’s the same old songs and the same old scenes. You stay the 3 hour ordeal just to see your kid or a kid you know do his 5 minute dance or routine. And it’s a good 5 minutes, but it is just [...]

The Hollywood Scientlogy Curse

Yesterday, I sat down to watch a movie that I’ve loved since it came out over 10 years ago, Independence Day. As I watched the first act where the alien “destroyers” made their way into Earth’s atmosphere I was totally psyched. I hadn’t watched Independence Day in a few years. I remember when it first [...]

‘Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult.’

Ok Scientology fans, as if we haven’t heard enough about our favorite church this year…

On May tenth, Anonymous, a group that protests the Church Of Scientology, was conducting another protest in front of the Church’s costly headquarters in London. Among the hundreds in attendance, a 15 year old boy was holding a sign that [...]

More on Jason Beghe and Scientology

The Jason Beghe video is now available on the web

I’m not sure if it’s all the video that was shot but there’s a lot of great information as he discusses the effect Scientology had on his life and relationships. To date I haven’t heard anyone speak so candidly about their experience with [...]