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70,000 Cases Of Demonic Possession

From The Times Online:

Father Gabriele Amorth, 85, who has been the Vatican’s chief exorcist for 25 years and says he has dealt with 70,000 cases of demonic possession, said that the consequences of satanic infiltration included power struggles at the Vatican as well as “cardinals who do not believe in Jesus, and bishops who […]

The Cult of Skepticism

We recently received the following e-mail:

After listening to this podcast and to the 100 or so that I’ve listened to over the past two years I offer all of us a caveat ( ok, more of a reminder than a caveat ) regarding skepticism in general. We all must embrace variability within skeptics. Without […]

Lies to Children

It’s been a while since my last Terry Pratchett reference, so I feel the need to get back on track. In the “Science of Discworld” books, Terry Pratchett, Jack Cohen, and Ian Stewart put a forward a concept they call “lies to children.” Basically, these are simplified stories we tell – and not just to […]

Chag Pesach Sameach

I just spent a large chunk of my Sunday with my extended family observing Passover, and I just made it back to my computer in time last night to record our latest episode of The Skeptics Guide 5×5. I had another more colorful topic to blog about today, but I’m shelving it until next […]

Scientology Becoming Clear…er

If life is a game, Scientology gives you the tools to play it with a stacked deck and win consistently. Scientology has enabled me to make my dreams come true, really. I know that it can do the same for anyone. It is a rocket ride to spiritual freedom.

Jason Beghe – Class V […]