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Separation Of Church And State?

This past Friday, The Mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, finished participating in a three-day prayer and fasting ceremony which was organized by local religious leaders. Mayor Linda Thompson was quite candid in her remarks:

From Pennlive.com:

In a statement this week, she said: “I am honored and pleased with the diverse participation of our religious leaders […]

The Naked Truth Never Looked So Good!

You may have read (or rather, seen) the news from a few weeks ago about a Muslim woman posing inside (and on the cover) of the German edition of Playboy magazine. Ever since, threats against Sila Sahin have come pouring in from Mulsims worldwide, her condemnation seems far-reaching amongst those that thump their Koran.

The […]

Nation of Islam

On February 26th, the Nation of Islam (NOI) held their annual Savior’s Day Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. One of the main events at the conference was a series of lectures and discussions titled “The Truth About The Existence Of Unidentified Flying Objects.”

The first thought that came to mind was “Did the entire skeptical community […]

Just Leave The Money On The Altar

So let me see if I have this straight …

A televangelist from Georgia has promised the viewers of his television show that if they sleep with a picture of Jesus, then they will receive financial blessings.

Excuse me? Is this spiritual “leader” effectively calling his audience a bunch of whores? Wow, that’s callous, […]

A Saudi Arabian Nightmare

This is one of those headlines that sparks your subconscious to instruct your brain to move your head back and forth, with your mouth hung slightly open, and a generally glazed-over countenance. This is a primal, outward reaction while your brain tries to figure out the proper words to adequately describe such a bewildering circumstance. […]