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Regurgitating In Connecticut Tonight

Tonight, in the city of New Britain, Connecticut, local curiosity seekers will have the rare experience of sitting down to dinner with Allyson and Adele Walsh, supposedly better known in the land of woo as “the psy-dentical twins”.

This duo of divination will center their collective psychic gravity at Angelico’s Café. The entry fee is […]

Gorillas In The Midst

Dean Radin, PhD, has written an article entitled: What Gorilla?: Why Some Can’t See Psychic Phenomena. Because I fall into the category of people who apparently cannot see “psychic phenomena”, I read the article to see if he had me pegged, because I am quite confident I know the reason why I can’t see “psychic […]

Sylvia Brown Sighting

As I prepare for a more in-depth topic for next week, combined with having to work some ghastly hours late last night, I have a very brief posting today. Take a look at this news clip. At least not all of the media is impressed with Sylvia’s “psychic” abilities, or her charisma. Seriously, this woman […]