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Hollywood … Low-Hanging Fruit

To a skeptic, Hollywood is like a candy store. The most cursory of internet searches will reveal that the culture of Hollywood is infused with paranormal beliefs. As part of my never-ending SGU show prep, each week I take a look towards “Tinseltown” to see which celebrity happens to be making a total ass out […]

Psychic Doesn’t See It Coming … Again.

The perpetual joke concerning psychics that wind up in the news is that they “never see it coming”, “it” being whatever is the thing that is deemed newsworthy by the press.

This one has a local appeal, having occurred right down the road form me in Norwalk, CT. So there are these two psychics in […]


So just when I thought the world of fortune telling couldn’t get more ridiculous, I found out just last night that there is a fortune telling practice that claims to “read” the laughter of a person to predict the future. This can be practiced in two different ways.

First the scam artist … I mean […]

Evil Woman

If this does not define the word “Vulture”, than I do not know how else to define it.

A “psychic” in New York is hovering over people in hospitals that are terminally ill and charging them $125 for readings about what to expect when they reach “the other side”.

Talk about the repulsiveness of the […]

Can Porn Make You Psychic?

A Cornell University researcher is making headlines with the publication of experiments into the paranormal.

Typical Cornell University instructor

Daryl Bem is the author of the research paper, “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect,” published just this week in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

His […]