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Google Mars Reveals “Bio Station Alpha”

Anyone not familiar with Google Earth? Just in case, Google Earth is a software that allows you to view a recent picture of any part of the Earth. By combining photographs taken from a variety of resources around and above the earth, the Google Earth software compiles a virtual atlas of our planet. Even if [...]


Well, in the latest episode of The Skeptics Guide, I spoke about all of the news that concerned Mars in 2010, and that I would be laying off in paying too much attention to Mars in 2011. This was because I had predicted in early 2010 that there would be official word coming that life [...]


First, it was the canals that must have been made by an intelligent life form. Many years later, it was “little green men” visiting earth in their spaceships with plans to conquer the human race.

Afterward, we viewed a picture taken by the Viking Orbiter of a distinct “Face on Mars”, an enormous land feature [...]