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Michele Bachmann: Vaccines cause mental retardation

Move over Jenny McCarthy.

You’ve probably heard about the HPV vaccine debate by now. Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry has been taking heat for his executive order that young women be offered Gardasil to inoculate against the virus linked to cervical cancer.

This isn’t the place to debate the wisdom of “being forced to [...]

Skeptics vs Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has been spending her time and energy over the last couple of years trying to harm the health of Americans, or anyone who will listen to her. She is on a misguided crusade against vaccines, fueled by her arrogant ignorance. She believes that her son is a special “indigo child”, the next step [...]

Fight Fire with Fire

We live in an age where actors can become president and wrestlers can become governor. Where a trend can be set overnight if the right person starts it. The right person is usually someone a lot of people know, most often a celebrity of some sort. So, sadly, it comes as no surprise to me [...]