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Attention iTunes … Creationism is Not Science!

Sam, an SGU listener, brought this to our attention the other day (thank you, Sam.)

A new podcast has hit the iTunes shelves. It is called Scripture on Creation.

And of course, it is correctly categorized under the ‘Religion and Spirituality’ category, isn’t it?


It is in iTunes ‘Science and Medicine’ category.

Strange. [...]


I love learning about new things, or learning even more about things I already know. Sometimes I wish I could just get away for a week or two to a cabin in the woods and sit by a fireplace in a comfortable chair with a huge library of books and just read and learn 24/7. [...]

Pride and Prejudice

The folks at Apple’s iTunes have chosen The Skeptics Guide 5×5 podcast as one of the top 25 audio podcasts of 2008. As the producer and one of the co-hosts of SGU 5×5, I have not felt this level of pride about something I’ve worked on in quite some time.

It is one set of [...]