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Lest We Forget

Just a quick x-post from Crap Based Medicine. Lest we forget, John Benneth is “off his remedies”, to put it very kindly.

Homeopathy and Humor in Skepticism

I had never heard of That Mitchell and Webb Look before – it’s a British comedy skit show featuring the comedy team of David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Fortunately we now have the wonders of the intertubes and we Americans can view their skits on YouTube.

The skit that is likely to go viral and [...]

Local Homeopath is an Anti-Vaxxer. I am shocked! Shocked I say!

Recently, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care put out an ad campaign to encourage certain people to get the MMR catch-up vaccine. They also set up many free MMR (they advertise only the mumps portion of the vaccine) clinics.

This has made the local anti-vaxxers none too happy.

In a recent blog post, [...]

Hay Fever Homeopathic Remedy – Cures Your Thirst

The path from unquestioned belief to skeptical thinking usually requires one to let go of a few things along the way. Sometimes, certain beliefs are so entrenched in one’s head that the belief is compartmentalized, cognitive dissonance rears its head and a sacred cow is born. Mmm.. veal.

But letting go of old things and [...]